Tomorrow is not promised…

Tomorrow is not promised… If we lived each day of our lives with this in mind, would we change what we do, how we do it, whom we spend time with, what occupies our thoughts, where we go, or how we feel? This morning during my daily commute, I had a really good cry as I missed my two sisters, Ruby and Rose, who both passed away at a relatively young age. Tomorrow was not promised to them. And as I remember their last days on this side of the veil, they were difficult and painful. Cancer had taken away so much from them, their hair, their health, their mobility, their ability to do the things they love. And all we could do was stand by and watch their demise, comfort them in whatever ways we could, and pray for their release. As Rose would always say, “Let go, let God.” And she did.

So I’m exhorting all of us fortunate enough to still be able to take in and release a deep breath of life to rejoice and push ourselves to the outermost limit of happiness right now, wherever we may find ourselves. For tomorrow is not promised.

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Lifelong learner, loyal friend, setting out to take over the world-- but only for the powers of good!
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