Believing in the goodness of humanity and a retrospection…

This morning I was filled with the feeling of gratitude for my life. It’s so easy to get dragged down by all the negative stories and images we see and the pessimistic and combative words we hear. Today, I choose to believe in the goodness of humanity. For every negative event that occurs I firmly believe there are one hundred positive ones happening at the exact same time. A kind gesture, a helping hand, an earnest prayer, a hopeful spirit… If we focus on all that is good and right, I believe that will also be our daily lived experience.

During the Oprah and Deepak meditation today Oprah shared a letter she wrote to her 19 year old self. For some reason it struck a chord in my soul and I wept deeply and uncontrollably as I pondered what I would write to my 19 year old self today 37 years later. I know  I would marvel at my innocence, chuckle about the things that I feared so intensely, wish I had spent more time with my brothers and sisters, lived less carefully… I think the exercise of actually writing the letter is important. So here goes:

Hey buddy! As I picture you in that 1970’s bubble, I know you couldn’t even imagine you would be living this miraculous life decades later. I’m pretty sure you were relatively clueless about most things but your sincerity and convictions about the world were so right on. So many fears. So Ludy19-1much inner turmoil. So many secrets. So much soul searching. But on the surface, you kept it all together with your jokes and happy face – the tears of a clown. I wish I could have told you to take it easy, relax and enjoy the ride. I wish I could have told you that our society would change for the better in the most unexpected and wonderful ways. I wish I could have told you to take more risks and not to worry so much about the outcomes. I wish I could have told you to pursue your dreams with total and utter abandon. But if I had been able to do that, you would not be the person you are today. So maybe my message is to my 56 year old self from my 19 year old self and I actually have it turned around. Wow, I think I just checked myself…

What would you write to your 19 year old self?

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2 Responses to Believing in the goodness of humanity and a retrospection…

  1. Neerav Vyas says:

    Inspiring! Great post! Resonates my life to some extent.

  2. efstathius says:

    Hi Uncle Ludwig,

    I cry a lot too; daily for a while a few months back. I would tell myself not to worry and it wasnt my fault. I would then go on to explain I don’t need to worry, especially about money, because of this handful of stock tips I would give, as my time traveling self.

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