I think it’s time to provide more personal information… I feel like I don’t even recognize the person that is described below…

Dr. Ludwig “Ludy” van Broekhuizen joined AdvancED in the Atlanta, Georgia area as its Chief Innovation Officer in January 2012. Previously he was the Executive Director of the SERVE Center at the University of North Carolina for nearly 8 years. . Previously, he was the Director of the Pacific Regional Educational Laboratory Program at PREL in Honolulu, Hawaii. His most recent work includes the development of a model of professional development for early reading improvement in diverse settings. He was also a Senior Evaluator for the first national evaluation of the federally funded Star Schools Program and Partnerships in Education Program. A former Spanish and English middle/high school teacher, ESL community education coordinator, RTEC associate director, evaluator, and professional development specialist, van Broekhuizen’s professional life has always included a focus on diversity and equity issues.

His areas of expertise include program assessment and evaluation, multilingual development, instructional programming for linguistically and culturally diverse students, phonology, diglossia, minority language maintenance, survey and planning, and technology in education. As a multiracial educator with roots in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe, van Broekhuizen recognizes the importance of providing high quality and meaningful learning opportunities for all children, families, and communities by utilizing local, regional, and national research, traditional funds of knowledge, and the most current technology. Van Broekhuizen speaks several languages fluently and is conversant in a few more.


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