Life in the MidTerm in an election year

Sometimes coasting is okay… That’s what I tell myself to rationalize these periods in life that are neither hot nor cold, neither vibrant nor boring, just life. I thought it a befitting title since we are in a very big election year that closes out two terms of our first African American president whom many refuse to give the credit he deserves. Now that’s passion and commitment. For my life in the MidTerm, it’s more about finding my stride again. sisyphus-1549Getting myself motivated and moving in a way that feels right; waking up with wonder and joy and falling asleep with contentment and gratitude. It’s about the passion I wrote about two years ago. It’s certainly in there somewhere, definitely not lost, but pulling it back up to the surface feels so difficult, a Sisyphean task. Woe is me who in Camus’ estimation may have slipped into the role of the absurd hero. Solitary and alone daily repeating my inconsequential existence – living Groundhog Day over and over again… But Bill Murray got smart. He mastered his skills and talents as he repeated his day, making corrections, avoiding mistakes, and improving the quality of his interactions to ultimately overcome his self-defeating character. My iPhone rings at 6:15 a.m. every (weekday) morning and I often feel the dread of another day of repetition, another day of the grind, another day pushing the rock up the hill. On the good days, I am able to take stock of the privileged and richly blessed vie en rose I lead. On the bad days, I’m just shoving the rock up the hill with the [bad] attitude that goes along with it. I’m voting for nothing but good days from now on.

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Lifelong learner, loyal friend, setting out to take over the world-- but only for the powers of good!
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