On the importance of being earnest…

It’s that moment when job meets work meets occupation meets profession meets passion meets life… The change happens gradually. That first job was truly a job–making 10 tacos for a dollar at Taco Time earning $3.25 an hour. It was fun. I worked with friends. But it was a job. When I was done with the night shift, I was DONE. Throughout my undergraduate years, I dreamed big about all the possibilities that would become available when I completed my studies. I studied earnestly. And I still held down a job and it was work. I had not yet moved to an occupation… In actuality, I’m not really sure when my work became an occupation. But I do know when my occupation became a profession and most importantly, when my profession became my passion. I had an inkling that my passion had been ignited when under the shower head, I would have an epiphany related to solving a problem in my profession. I recognized passion when I engaged in discussions with colleagues around revolutionizing our field. Finally, I didn’t even know that this thing called work could be so enjoyable, life-consuming, collegial, spirited, and expansive. What an amazing place to find myself.

About helvetius59

Lifelong learner, loyal friend, setting out to take over the world-- but only for the powers of good!
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