What are Saturday mornings for?

For those of us who work a Monday through Friday schedule, Saturday morning-37130s are like heaven. No alarm buzzing, no hastily getting dressed, no urgency, no dread of what the day will bring… If played well, Saturday mornings truly are like heaven on earth. Unrushed, relaxed and unimaginably peaceful – there’s time to contemplate life over a nice cup of hot tea, focus on your breathing, and even to write a few free flowing creative thoughts… Saturday mornings are like heaven on earth.

Contrast your Monday morning with your Saturday morning experience and I bet you will note a host of differences. However, if these two dawnings are more alike than different and you are on the Mon-Fri work schedule, you might want to check yourself… Workaholism is an addiction that might not kill you, but could very well prevent you from living the full and joyful life you see others around you creating. Yes, I said “creating”. Though appearances might lead you to believe that life just happens, my contention is that each of our lives is shaped and created by us! I sometimes ask my friends who cram their lives so full of tasks and activities, “What are you trying to avoid – what are you fleeing from?” You see, we all need to take time for ourselves, to reboot, to re-energize, to re-assess, to be. I often joke around with my loved ones when I say, “You wake up, go to work, rinse, repeat, then you die.” I don’t buy a word of it. I say it as a joke that is in utter and complete opposition to what I believe. Saturday mornings are like heaven on earth – let it be so.

So what are you doing this Saturday morning?

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  1. Neerav Vyas says:

    If played well… ;-P

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