New Job, New Life, and Miracles Still Happening Every Day!

Ever wonder why? Why the world is so kind to you, yet harsh to others? Why for every worry you don’t have, others must carry more than their equitable share? If you look back on life, writ large, you might be able to see (but only for yourself), how it came to pass. Bachi, karma, and other words that basically lay out the “you reap what you sow” philosophy can sometimes provide some rationale for all of this… But what of the unexplainable, blatant, in your face instances where there is no plausible reason for what is? I think of this as the mystery of human existence and our connection to God (by whatever name or form you define this higher being/power–always in service to good and not evil, that enhances and builds up and does not hinder, harm, oppress, nor diminish anyone–my name for this is Jesus) that helps us get through these existential moments.

Why did my two lovely sisters succumb to cancer much too early in their existences on this earthly plain? Why was I born with an orientation that made me an outlier early on? Why do some have so much while other have so little? If you thought I was referring to the dollar bill, that is only one aspect of having, albeit of utmost importance to our American lifestyle. I’m talking about possessing generosity of spirit, joy, love, endless curiosity, goodness, health, compassion, friendships, family…name yours.

I do know a couple of things: I am blessed with a life that is dreamlike in its quality; if I keep my eyes and heart open, I witness miracles happening to, through, and for me every single day; solid and healthy relationships are the bread of life and they need to be nurtured and cared for–which means they take time; we are here to help one another, period. And I think this is what God’ plan for us is… it is not rocket science or brain surgery. We are, in fact, getting pretty good at both of these areas… Not so much for the other points on my list of things I know.

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Lifelong learner, loyal friend, setting out to take over the world-- but only for the powers of good!
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1 Response to New Job, New Life, and Miracles Still Happening Every Day!

  1. lubnaabuzahra2 says:

    being convinced that Allah (God)is the best planner and lessons will never be learnt and changes will never happen without hardships.
    We won’t appreciate good times if we don’t go through hard ones.
    whatever happens to us, happens for a reason, that was planned especially for you by the Most Merciful…i think you appreciate your life because you are simply content with what you have and have a peaceful mind and pure heart …

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